Cobblestone’s investment approach creates opportunities to acquire, operate, and improve diversified portfolios of high quality, stabilized MHC/RV assets, creating a strong track record of attractive investor returns.

  • Fully-integrated model focused exclusively on MHC/RV; uniquely positioned to capitalize on the industry’s forecasted exceptional growth.
  • Highly market-driven real estate strategy underpinned by a granular understanding of institutional buyer parameters and unique demand dynamics.
  • Deep network, unique acquisition process, and strong relationships create opportunities to acquire, operate, and improve assets, and to sell well.
  • Targeted MHC/RV portfolio focused on fast-growing Sunbelt states where demand for affordable housing is rising rapidly.
  • Over 60 years of collective industry expertise brought by founders Erik Hagen, Tome Tomaj, and Jason Hagen in acquiring, owning, and operating more than 41,000 homesites valued in excess of $3.5 billion.
  • Extensive MHC/RV due diligence and valuation experience in U.S. markets; Cobblestone’s valuations are utilized by leading institutional investors and private equity firms.
  • Investment Entities

    Cobblestone provides institutional investors and investment managers with access to the attractive MHC/RV asset class through proprietary funds, off-market joint ventures, and expert property and asset management.

    Cobblestone Platform

    Cobblestone’s operating platform has been developed, tested, and refined in MHC/RV operations for over two decades. The Cobblestone platform is a fully integrated property and asset management system designed to build asset value and achieve superior investment returns.

  • Acquisitions and underwriting
  • Information technology and systems
  • Preferred dealer network
  • Home refurbishment affiliate
  • Real-time property management software
  • Data analytics
  • Capital improvement team
  • Human resources and management
  • Asset disposition